Rolex Italy relies on the accuracy of the Interroll’s modular conveyor platform

Rolex Italy relies on the accuracy of the Interroll’s modular conveyor platform

Milan, Italy - Sant'Antonino, Switzerland, 18 November 2015. Rolex Italia, among the most prestigious brands in artisan watchmaking, has asked LCS System Integrator of Usmate Velate, Milan, for the construction of a packaging installation in its building in Milan.

"We wanted an installation not only technically perfect, but that would satisfy even our aesthetic standards, which are very high. LCS it was introduced to us in the role of system integrator by Kardex. I would say a brilliant proposal and a perfect pool, complemented by the quality, efficiency and precision of Interroll components. Well, they are Swiss, like us," Stefano Rossi, logistics head of the company, listed the needs of Rolex.

The project had quite a few peculiarities, compared to many automatic systems for other market areas. 

"Right across from the vertical automatic storage levels shifted by Kardex, LCS has designed and implemented an end of line of carton packaging." Emanuela Baracchetti, sales manager for LCS, illustrates the automatic system created for Rolex. "Here the packaging and marketing material is managed.

The steps are essentially weighing, labeling, taping and strapping."

For the solution part, LCS turned to Interroll, who supplied the core, its very modern modular conveyor platform, synthesis of the excellence of the modules combined with the vision of ease of use and flexibility of application.

The platform is a robust and flexible system that incorporates several key elements of the transport system assembled to form a complete solution, ready to deliver the services expected.

Claudio Carnino, country manager of Interroll Italy, stresses how much the new modular conveyor platform will benefit Rolex, "Our new plug & play approach offers important advantages, such as simplified planning and rapid installation of the system. Speed is an increasingly important factor, not only in a construction yard, but also when it comes to delivery. Our new platform can be made almost like a composition of Lego bricks, which then allows you to meet customer demands, offering very short delivery times. The end user, Rolex in this case, benefits from a high degree of flexibility, a higher throughput, not to mention the low power consumption and rapid return on investment."

The delicacy of packages transported is not in the least endangered by Interroll rollers and motorized rollers. With many years of experience and hundreds of thousands of rollers sold globally, Interroll is the undisputed leader in this sector. The Interroll RollerDrive is a 24VDC motorized drive roller ideal for the delicacy of the material transported and handled by the Rolex installation.

The system is completed by an automatic laser guided trolley that deposits the pallet ready to send to the shipment area.

"I could only rely on the quality, accuracy and reliability of the Swiss solutions of Interroll, and I note that collaboration with LCS, so fluid and spontaneous, can only certify a final result that is up to Rolex expectations, i.e. maximum." concludes Stefano Rossi.


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