Interroll joins UN Global Compact

Interroll joins UN Global Compact

Sant'Antonino, Switzerland, 19th December 2016. The Interroll Group, which is the world's leading manufacturer of key products for internal logistics, today reported that the company has joined the UN Global Compact. The UN Global Compact is a voluntary initiative of the United Nations for companies that want to commit to ensuring that their operations are sustainable and responsible.

"Interroll has always believed it to be of central importance to align ourselves with certain values and behave responsibly. Our customers, partners and employees can count on the fact that our actions are always fair, environmentally conscious and economically responsible. By joining the UN Global Compact, we are now making a further clear commitment to fulfilling our responsibility towards people, society and the environment, right across the world," explains Daniel Baettig, Chief Financial Officer and Compliance Officer in the Interroll Group.

The UN Global Compact's vision describes an inclusive, sustainable global economy that is based on ten universal principles in the areas of environmental protection, human rights, labour practices and anti-corruption. Founded in 2000, on the initiative of the UN General Secretary at the time, Kofi Annan, over 12,000 companies and organisations from civil society, politics and science in 170 countries have now undertaken to make this vision a reality.

In addition to the commitment to the universal principles of the UN Global Compact, Interroll also consistently works towards the detailed specifications of its own internal Compliance Management System. This includes the "Code of Conduct" and the "Supplier Code of Conduct" for the Interroll Group.


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