Interroll focusses the organisation of its Center of Excellence in Sinsheim on global growth

Interroll focusses the organisation of its Center of Excellence in Sinsheim on global growth

Sinsheim, 15 January 2016. Bernhard Kraus, 38, is the new Managing Director Operations for the combined Center of Excellence (CoE) Conveyors and Sorters in Sinsheim, Germany. He brings with him extensive specialist knowledge and an extraordinary level of success in the management of lean production and change management processes. The new CoE will be managed by Bernhard Kraus, Robert Lugauer and Dr. Heinrich Droste. Moreover, following its successful launch in Europe and Asia, Interroll's new modular conveyor platform will now also be produced in the USA from March 2016.

The reorganisation of the Sinsheim site was needed in view of the strong global demand for new conveying and sortation solutions.

There is great interest in this solution: to date Interroll has already received 250 orders from system integrators and OEMs in Europe. The orders range from smaller solutions to large-scale applications, where conveyors measuring up to four kilometres in length have been supplied.

The reasons for this wide interest are manifold. They include the universal design of the solution, suitable for transporting goods up to 50 kg in weight and packaging dimensions from 200 mm x 150 mm. Systems can therefore be designed for transporting polybags, if required. 24 V or 400 V drive options deliver maximum energy efficiency and handling capacity. Electromechanical diverters also ensure high sortation capacities. Interroll has generally avoided the use of pneumatic actuators with the new conveyor platform in order to meet high energy efficiency requirements and guarantee a quiet working environment.

Any company wishing to deliver high-performance material flow solutions today has to cope with constantly changing performance requirements in the dynamic intralogistics market, which a system, such as this, has to meet during its many years of service. Ultimately, users have to be capable of flexibly reacting to last-minute changes to order structures and product range. For some time the rigid mass production of identical goods has become the exception to the rule, with shorter order cycles and the rapid change of packaging sizes and weights more frequently being the order of the day. At the same time, there is a need to make sure that any solution can still be integrated with ease into the changing IT environments of tomorrow – the current buzz word being "Industry 4.0".

With this leap across the 'pond', system integrators and their customers, who wish to achieve ultra-efficient material flow in the United States, are now able to enjoy an equally high-performance and future-proof solution. The modular conveyor platform is winning over customers with its unique versatility, low operating costs, open data interfaces and maximum ease of installation and maintenance.

After Sinsheim in Germany and Suzhou in China, Wilmington in North Carolina, USA, is the third production site for the new conveyor platform worldwide.


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