According to proven customer data, warehouses were built saving up to 50 % of space, distribution centers increased their performance by 55 %, energy consumption in the area of internal logistics dropped by up to 50 %. Modernization activities opened potential for optimization of up to 30 %.

Powerful Picking Operation

Anti-ageing products, vitamins, cosmetics, household goods etc. - the promotion of wellness in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia is powered by the high-performing Pruszków Logistics Centre near Warsaw. In the 5,900 sq.m. (63,500 sq.ft.) distribution centre of the worldwide Access Business Group, everything centers on the products from its sister company Amway, a major global direct selling enterprise. The DC handles a yearly average volume of 430,000 orders, representing seven million articles.

The Pruszków Logistics Centre is a textbook example of how to perfectly combine intelligent conveyor units with order picking equipment. The result is a space and energy-saving solution for a yearly output of 500,000 parcels sent to Amway business owners in the said three countries. The zero-pressure accumulation conveyor section with the Interroll Intelliveyor is at the very heart of the DC and guarantees a continuous material flow.

The Intelliveyor lines meet the need for as long a buffer section as possible. They feed the order picking zone with empty boxes and forward the full boxes to the dispatch zone. The individual zones are only switched on when the cartons have to be moved, thereby saving energy as do the gravity driven lanes of the Interroll Carton Flow shelves in the picking area. There, containers gently travel on Interroll‘s gravity roller tracks to the output side based on the "first in first out“ (FIFO) principle.

Fast moving consumer goods on a Roll

Maximising the usage of limited space and minimising energy consumption are the most crucial factors for successful warehouse operation. No other product group makes that more obvious than fast-moving and perishable consumer goods. Food, beverages and household goods need to be distributed in double-quick time. But how can space be organised in a way that makes your material flow run like clockwork? Renowned companies around the world have found the answer in dynamic storage technology from Interroll. They have made flow storage of pallets, containers and boxes a key ingredient of their success recipe.

"The new system allows us to make considerably better use of its existing goods distribution center and react quicker to the needs of the market", explains Matthias Schmitt, Head of the Procter & Gamble Distribution Centre located in southern Germany. To save space and energy, P&G replaced drive-in racking with 19,500 pallet positions using gravity lanes. Pallets safely roll down the 4 % incline between the loading and the unloading side on a FIFO (first in first out) basis. "We are very impressed – both the storage and distribution of our product range have noticeably improved with the Interroll flow storage system. The FIFO principle is very important to us as grocers, the key being stock control. The same applies to the space and energy-saving design, with just one aisle each for loading and unloading", commented EuroSpin, Italian discount grocery store.

Safe costs in the long run: with flow storage systems

Energy-efficiency at every turn

With an experienced eye for the big picture, Interroll offers you the kind of conveyor rollers that are versatile and essential key products in the portfolio of any successful developer, manufacturer or system integrator. Our rollers safely convey anything from egg cartons to heavy pallets - across all continents and in all sectors. Designed for easy integration and fail-safe operation, the new Interroll Conveyor Rollers are:

  • totally environmentally friendly (0.00% CO2 emission)
  • absolutely energy-saving (only 0.01% starting resistence - belt conveyors up to 0.3%!)
  • even faster and quieter due to perfect concentricity

Interroll conveyor rollers bring new plants up to speed, and retrofit or expand existing plant. They convey, accumulate, merge, divert and combine goods. With or without accumulation pressure. Powered or with gravity.

Very often they are installed in distribution centres such as the beverage logistics centre of the German company Kempf GmbH located in Balingen. There, some 8,000 of its 14,500 pallet positions use gravity-driven roller modules for dynamic storage of pallets weighing between 200 and 1,000 kg. Most of these pallets are stored first-in first-out (FIFO). One of two buffer storage levels near the picking tunnel has been designed as a pushback system with last-in first-out functionality (LIFO). This area was expanded and equipped with Interroll LIFO Speed Controllers, a special roller increasing storage speeds by up to 50% and enhancing operational safety.

Likewise, the associated empties sorting plant uses the energy-efficient gravity principle. Its 230 incline roller conveyors store crates. Other dynamic flow modules are used in the empty crate sorting zone prior to consignment-specific provisioning of sorted batches. Empty pallets glide smoothly and safely on Interroll wheel flow modules to the unloading side.

Carton Flow

Speed is a key factor at any distribution center and Carton Flow by Interroll offers tangible benefits in this race against time. Thanks to this smart solution, the picking process at the new GameStop Distribution Center in Malmö, Sweden, improved by 50%. The Interroll Carton Flow ensures high levels of operational reliability, time savings and great space utilization. In fact, only two aisles are required: one for picking orders and one for replenishing stock. “Based on our excellent experiences with Interroll during the installation of our warehouse facility in Australia, we had absolutely no hesitation in working with them again in Malmö. Especially now that we can expand our capacity at any time”, says Frank Aasly, Distribution Center Manager of GameStop in Malmö.

The Hefame Group is Spain's second drugs distribution company with more than 60.000 m2 of warehousing capacity. A team of 75 staff order-pick an average of 68,000 order lines each day. Here, the Carton Flow solution was optimized and tested specifically in line with customer requirements. "We are extremely satisfied with the new distribution center and the intralogistics solution provided by Interroll. It is tailored precisely to the items handled at our distribution center and has the added benefit of delivering maximum uptime," says Manel Martinez, Technical Manager at Hefame

When OEG GmbH, one of the largest distributors supplying heating equipment and parts, expanded their warehouse by 8 picking stations for additional 6,000 products, they were looking for improved performance and cost savings alike. The Interroll Carton Wheel Flow proved to be the perfect solution: increased picking performance and short installation time, together with low energy consumption and zero maintenance, just what they needed: “We endeavor to provide profit for our customers as well as our own employees by optimizing our picking performance and this has been achieved with the new Interroll Carton Wheel Flow. We are impressed by the entire concept” says Helge Möller, OEG Sales Director.

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