Case Study: “Double or nothing”

A sorter as growth enabler in the food processing industry

When a large number of goods come together in a single location at the same time, speed and reliability are particularly critical factors for success. In France, Gastronome is the second largest supplier to the poultry processing industry. Here, nearly 20 million packages of poultry a year are accurately and quickly distributed to its destinations all over France ready to be sold in shops. The distribution center is the strategic hub for the entire Gastronome group.

As throughput increased during the past years, Gastronome's old system reached its limits. By investing in intelligent process automation, the company aimed to secure the future of the entire sorting system. The objective was clear – the throughput would need to double, while increasing overall system performance. Together with the system integrator, Probia, Gastronome decided to install two Interroll Crossbelt sorters.

Crossbelt Sorters

Crossbelt Sorters help ensure a smooth on time delivery

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