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Improve safety and reduce downtime in your warehouse or DC with one simple solution.

The New Driven Pallet Separator
For exact pallet release time intervalls

A Pallet Separator is a mechanism within a Pallet Flow lane that isolates the first pallet to facilitate the removal of pallets from the picking side.

The traditional Interroll Pallet Separator with TimePlus incorporates a 20 second delay before the next pallet in line is released. This gives the forklift truck driver the necessary time to unload the pallet safely before the second pallet is released. This is especially important when working with high bay warehouses with restricted visibility.

Interroll is now launching a unique driven Pallet Separator for buffer and dispatch applications in longway and crossway pallet handling.

The new innovative separator has two main advantages that are unique and set us apart from any competitor:

Precise and Consistent Pallet Release Time Intervals

The driven Separator makes it possible to decide exactly when will the next pallet be released, regardless of the conditions or the weight of the pallet.

Exact Cycle Count

The driven Separator allows to measure the exact number of cycles it performs. With our Interroll Lifetime Service program, you will be able to collect this crucial information.

This is extremely important for two reasons:

  • Predictive maintenance: you will know exactly when the separator will need to be maintained or replaced.
  • Warehouse optimization: knowing the exact number of cycles makes it easy to optimize pallet management in your warehouse or DC, as you will be able to tell which lanes are used the most.

The loading and unloading modules include:

  • A pallet separator system
  • An end-stop activated by an electrical cylinder

Minimum pallet weight: 60kg

Pallet weight ratio in the same lane: 10

For single pallet application per storage lane:

  • EURO
  • GKN
  • Half pallet

For multiple pallets in the same lane:

For Crossway application

  • EURO/GKN  

For Longway application

  • EURO or INDUS or GKN / Half pallet