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Carton Wheel Flow
available from stock!

Picking shelves for standard racks are available within 1 week from now on!

Picking applications are at the heart of intralogistics. But, is it always a big warehouse, filled with endless picking channels? Even a retrofit of a few bays with picking shelves is sufficient to significantly improve your internal processes. Up to 40% time savings and 13% room savings are possible.

Available within 1 week from stock!

For bays of 2.700 mm length and depths of 1.100 mm or 2.500 mm

Attractive special prices!

Picking shelves

New or existing racks with a clear width of 2.700 mm and 1.100 mm or 2.500 mm depth can be equipped with carton wheel flow shelves.

Picking Goods

The Carton Wheel Flow application is a perfect solution for picking goods of up to 25 kg weight, higher weights on request.

Simple Assembly

The universal connectors allow to adjust the Carton Wheel Flow shelves to any height! There is no need for further support beams!

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