SPS Parma, 23 -25 May

Our latest development is waiting for you! The new drum motor platform offers more flexibility, robustness, and power. Come and see us! Hall 6, Booth 006

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New Generation of drum motors

Flexible, robust and ultra-hygienic: The new generation of drum motors with fully modular synchronous and asynchronous design are engineered for high performance and longevity, and to meet stringent hygiene requirements. 

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Modern 24 V Drive Technology

Learn more about intelligent solutions for efficient conveying.

Efficient, economical, low-maintenance and quiet.

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Motorised roller: RollerDrive

The RollerDrive from Interroll is an encapsulated 24 VDC brushless motor drive for use in a wide range of conveyor systems. Thanks to its wide range of controls with special interfaces, the RollerDrive can be easily integrated into the applications.

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