Our latest development is waiting for you! The new drum motor platform offers more flexibility, robustness, and power.

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Compatible for all applications

Thanks to the common shafts dimensions, all motors fit in the same mounting structure and, with a widened spectrum of speeds, cover all conceivable scopes of use. Clever plug-and-play solutions enable ease of installation. Each motor is proven, tested and designed in a modular way so that it can be produced and delivered worldwide in the shortest possible time.

Application-oriented, scalable, and designed for high performance: Interroll's new drum motor platform revolutionizes the planning and is superior to conventional belt drives.

The Interroll Portec Belt Curve

Whenever reliability, performance and simplicity are called for

With more than 60 years of experience, Interroll Portec Belt Curves are highly persuasive: Customers specifically value the reliability and robustness of the solution, which contributes daily to on-time delivery of parcels and shipments in more than 80,000 installations throughout the world.

With the Interroll Portec Belt Curve, the positive drive requires only low belt tension, thereby ensuring excellent reliability and low overall operating costs. The fact that they require significantly less maintenance than any other Belt Curve persuades all plant engineers and operating companies. In principle, belts are wear parts and have to be replaced from time to time. The open belt, combined with the positive drive, enables a belt change of the Interroll Portec Belt Curve in only 30 minutes.