Simple but accurate and reliable ways to store and convey parts. This is what most industrial plants require to run their operations in the smoothest and most efficient fashion.

Even as early as 1886, electrical equipment pioneer Bosch had a nose for fresh new ideas. And today, this global company, with sales totalling more than €50 billion and a staff of 300,000 in 2011 remains as committed as ever to innovation. A prime example of its passion for excellence is the Bosch plant at Hildesheim, where Interroll Dynamic Storage solutions have taken pole position in the production and assembly processes.

Three Interroll-designed dynamic flow systems – which do much more than simply store goods – were integrated perfectly into their system. All deliveries of components are received at two goods inwards ramps and transported by forklift to the direct delivery warehouse. This warehouse is divided into two pallet flow systems which are upstream of stator production and final assembly.

According to Alexander Farnkopf, Production Manager at Bosch, “the uncomplicated way in which the warehouse is managed and the successful implementation of the FIFO principle were just two of the key reasons for implementing the Interroll dynamic flow system within the steering drive unit.”

In July 2011 Interroll equipment was deployed at ATTC Manufacturing’s plant in Tell City, Indiana, USA. ATTC Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures precision brake, chassis and engine parts for Toyota, Nissan, and other manufacturers. They requested that Interroll devise a solution that would make their brake rotor manufacturing process more efficient in an effort to assure 100% on-time-delivery. Interroll was able to provide a custom tailored solution that would afford them high availability, high throughputs, and accuracy in their brake rotor quality control, handling and sorting process: the plug-and-play Intelliveyor with its flexible 24 V DC driven modules. Said Steve Oeding of ATTC “The Intelliveyor assures my company accuracy and allows our employees to work in a safe environment, and safety is important to us.“

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Simple but accurate and reliable ways to store and convey parts.

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