CORA, one of the world's largest strawberry producers, has established a strong presence in Andalucía. Its latest project: a new production plant capable of processing approx. 130 kg (287 lbs.) of strawberries per minute. As if purpose-built to handle delicate fruit, Interroll 24V RollerDrive delivered the forward momentum needed at the process-critical points of the conveyor lines.

This highly efficient solution is also a tribute to Interroll's DriveControl, an ingenious device that controls the drive, thereby streamlining the flow of goods and pallet processing.

Interroll’s Drum Motors also play a key role here. Renowned not only for their durability, they also feature close to zero-maintenance. What's more, installation and cleaning can be performed in a matter of minutes. No wonder: the drive unit is fully enclosed and sealed. This, in turn, guarantees best-possible environmental protection - so, "nothing to get hung about".