Climate of Excellence

At Interroll we work in a Climate of Excellence. This is our foundation. We understand that getting better every day is an essential part of true quality where everyone is involved.

Watch the Interroll Group Management explaining the Interroll strategy and values.


Welcome to our Culture for Growth!

Culture for Growth is a corporate program about leadership and communication. It is all about strategic awareness and living our values. Growth is not an option. It is our way to maintain leadership and strive for innovation. Take a look!


Our values:

Best in class

Our crystal-clear strategy is to be the partner of choice. With the most global portfolio of high quality core products for internal logistics our strategy holds strong. We continuously benchmark ourselves against the industry’s “best in class”. At Interroll, we are proud about our achievements and share the goal of extending our leading position - worldwide.

Reliable and fair

Our objective is to always be 100 percent reliable and fair. Furthermore, following one common strategy, respect and empowerment are the cornerstones of winning businesses. We expect this, and nothing less, from our people and our partners.

Proven solutions

Interroll’s proven solutions, based on global modular product platforms and high engineering competence, deliver superior customer benefits. Our people are rewarded for their entrepreneurial attitude. Our market understanding enables us to continuously launch innovations for the challenges of tomorrow.

Climate of excellence

We are working in a climate of excellence where the development of our people is crucial. We understand that getting better every day is an essential part of true quality where everyone is involved. Interroll grows with the trust our customers place in our daily work.

Long-term thinking

The strategy of Interroll is designed for long-term success and sustainable growth with a transparent business model. In this culture for growth, we work hard to shape our future and aspire to control our circumstances. Our steadily growing customer base and the low staff turnover confirm continuity.

Fast and commited

Interroll operates in a lean organizational structure. We are passionate about our customers’ profitability, environmental sustainability and growth. This is proven by our commitment to strive for optimization and to achieve the shortest reaction time to customer requirements.

Globally consistent

The company core values and the services provided to customers are consistent throughout our global network. We are continuously sharing our worldwide know-how of applications and markets. Our multinational team, which is close to the local customer, is key to our success.