What is it that makes Interroll unique?

Whether global or local, big or small, all our customers benefit from the combined know-how and applications experience built up by the global Interroll Group over a large number of reference projects.

Our development and production centres transform this critical knowledge into innovative, market-leading solutions for over 23,000 customers around the world who can be assured at all times of gaining above-average benefit from those solutions, the fruit of innovation from all over the world.

Interroll's globally networked service portfolio makes it unique in the market for internal unitgoods handling, logistics and automation.  


We aim to establish ourselves as the leading player in specific target markets and product groups and to achieve our strategic goals by establishing clear market positions, taking a lead in terms of innovation, operating our own global sales platform, delivering a high level of productivity and pursuing an investment policy focused on the long term.

It is also crucial to maintain our reputation as an attractive partner for our customers throughout the world and as an employer that prides itself on a highly motivated and high-achieving workforce.

Strategy and target markets

The Interroll Group supplies key products for unit-load handling, internal logistics and automation in specific target markets such as food processing, airport logistics, postal services, distribution and other sectors. We make use of our own global sales network to maintain close contact with system integrators, multinationals, regional plant manufacturers, engineering firms and end users and to analyse the precise requirements of each customer group.

The solutions we provide to meet the everyday logistical challenges faced by our customers are based on key Interroll products that are supported by a common global platform. An important element of our strategy is our commitment to developing and then refining intelligent products that allow our customers to save space and energy and that deliver a fast return on investment.

Interroll's Centers of Excellence operate on a global level. Their focus is on the development of innovative products for existing and newly emerging applications as well as on the implementation of highly productive manufacturing techniques for a clearly defined group of products.

In order to meet our customers' needs as quickly as possible in every corner of the world, we have also set up local production and service facilities under the control of our Centers of Excellence. As a brand name, Interroll is identified with our activities as a global partner delivering innovative and efficient solutions to the challenges set by internal logistical processes. The Interroll name stands for expertise, quality and innovation.

Success factors

Interroll's success, both in the past and the future, depends on these factors: 

  • concentrating our resources on key products with which we aim for worldwide market leadership
  • developing application-oriented product platforms on a modular basis, thus allowing us to achieve substantial economies of scale
  • maintaining a global sales presence supported by our own local sales teams allowing us to identify and respond quickly to customer needs and market trends and exploit market potential throughout the world, supported by a global production network
  • maintaining consistent quality standards for our products worldwide
  • focusing on continuous development of new products and their rapid introduction to the market
  • providing professional support, training and development for all our workforce

Growth drivers

Our future growth strategy is geared towards meeting clearly identified market trends that offer potentially attractive sales opportunities. These include:

  • continued growth in passenger numbers in international air travel, requiring expansion in airport handling capacity (baggage conveying systems) and security technology (in-line screening of baggage and freight)
  • strict hygiene regulations in the food processing industry, which are being adopted by an increasing number of countries and call for premium-quality conveyor drives such as Interroll Drum Motors
  • increasing liberalization of postal markets and the regionalization of courier/express/parcel service operators, who are investing in distribution and new sites in order to establish a local presence near their customers
  • further decentralization of distribution centers for a wide range of goods in order to speed up delivery times
  • increasing product variety and shorter product life cycles demand greater flexibility and customization in the order-picking of goods
  • increased productivity levels in the industry and related efficiency gains in warehousing and distribution processes
  • demand for logistics equipment that delivers cost-efficient operation and a short return on investment

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Company history

From a garage workshop to a global network

With tons of enthusiasm, zero capital and a loan of DM 25,000, Dieter Specht and Hans vom Stein set the Interroll ball rolling in the year 1959.

The business that began in a garage in Wermelskirchen near Cologne/Düsseldorf has since become a world market leader in the materials handling market, with 2.000 employees and a global network of expertise in development, production and sales.


  • 1959|Dieter Specht and Hans vom Stein set up Interroll
  • 1966|First factory opens in Wermelskirchen
  • 1968|Start of international business activity
  • 1988|Expansion into Asia
  • 1997|Interroll goes public
  • 2000|CEO Paul Zumbühl takes over Group management; acquisition of SIPA, France
  • 2003|Focus on unit load handling; acquisition of Axmann; sale of bulk goods business
  • 2006|Interroll acquires BDL, Germany
  • 2007|Interroll acquires Werner, Canada
  • 2008|Expansion into Brazil
  • 2010|Interroll takes over business activities from licensee partner in Australia
  • 2011|Expansion into Turkey
  • 2013|Interroll acquires Portec, USA
  • 2014|Interroll opens Regional Center of Excellence in Atlanta
            |Interroll inaugurates new Asian headquarters in Shanghai
            |Interroll acquires Pert Engineering in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

Interroll Holding AG

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Chief Executive Officer: Paul Zumbühl