Investment in Research and Development for long-term success

Highly effective quality management ensures the recognised and certified quality of the solutions we offer. We place great importance on meeting current legal requirements in an optimal way and anticipate future requirements when we develop our products.

The Interroll Research Center (IRC) in Germany is one of our most important facilities when it comes to steadily expanding our innovation leadership. By working together closely with the Interroll Centers of Excellence, the global product management team and sales, it constantly develops solutions that improve the internal logistics material flow. Its focus lies on topics such as energy efficiency, noise reduction, hygiene, the development of new materials and open automation solutions with distributed intelligence.

Thanks to our many partnerships with leading universities such as the RWTH Aachen or the Technical University of Munich and industrial partners like the EHEDG Institute (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group), we have a great deal of experience when it comes to all issues that pertain to conveyor technology and help our customers to meet the requirements they face in an efficient manner and thus make them more competitive.

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Innovation breeds efficiency

Our IRC worked on the following important developments in 2014 together with the respective Centers of Excellence, to list just a few examples:

  • Various types of conveyor belts from different manufacturers can be driven by using the Interroll Multiprofile for drum motors to offer our customers even greater flexibility.
  •  A new generation of drum motors reduces the noise level, particularly at high transport speeds, and thus contributes to ergonomic workplace design by reducing noise.
  • We have been working on yet another solution that will allow for control modules to communicate directly with the PLC via conventional field bus systems such as Profinet or EtherCat to meet the trend towards programmable logic controller connections. This control system that is not specific to a certain manufacturer will enable us to offer our customers free programming via a PLC.
  • We protect many of our innovations globally with our many patents and other property rights.

Students & young professionals

We are interested in young talents. With an internship, bachelor or master thesis at Interroll we promise you a hands-on task within our international, experienced team. Contact us us for more details!

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