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Welcome to our Culture for Growth

At Interroll, we work in a Climate of Excellence and promote a Culture for Growth. Everything we do revolves around strategic awareness and bringing our values to life.


Our strategy and values

Getting better every day is an essential part of true quality where everyone is involved.

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英特诺集团是内部物流领域世界领先的专业供应商。公司总部位于瑞士,在全球拥有 32 家分支机构、2000 名员工,为全世界多达23,000 家客户提供服务。

我们的客户包括工厂制造商、系统集成商以及设备制造商。许多国际知名的公司每天都在使用我们的产品,比如亚马逊、博世、可口可乐、敦豪速递 (DHL)、宝洁、西门子、沃尔玛以及雅马哈(摩托车)等等。此外,英特诺在全球范围内启动物流效率研究项目,积极帮助行业协会制定更合理的物流标准和更佳的资源利用模式。

Inspired by Efficiency

我们的口号“效率促成利益”不仅仅是指客户期望能通过 英特诺 解决方案获得的利益。由 英特诺 提供的产品和解决方案,可使各公司在经营业务时获得更多利益、减少环境足迹并实现可持续发展。英特诺 还特别重视自己的资源效率。对于 英特诺 来说,正确使用资源是保持和巩固其技术和创新方面卓越地位的重要前提,并且能使客户受益。

What is it that makes Interroll unique?

Whether global or local, big or small, all our customers benefit from the combined know-how and applications experience built up by the global Interroll Group over a large number of reference projects.

Our development and production centres transform this critical knowledge into innovative, market-leading solutions for over 23,000 customers around the world who can be assured at all times of gaining above-average benefit from those solutions, the fruit of innovation from all over the world.

Interroll's globally networked service portfolio makes it unique in the market for internal unit goods handling, logistics and automation.


We aim to establish ourselves as the leading player in specific target markets and product groups and to achieve our strategic goals by establishing clear market positions, taking a lead in terms of innovation, operating our own global sales platform, delivering a high level of productivity and pursuing an investment policy focused on the long term.

It is also crucial to maintain our reputation as an attractive partner for our customers throughout the world and as an employer that prides itself on a highly motivated and high-achieving workforce.

Trade shows

Exchange business ideas with us at one of our upcoming trade shows!

This year we are happy to meet our customers and business partners at 24 different trade shows and major events all around the world. We are heavily committed and interested in knowledge exchange.


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The Interroll Group is divided into two global divisions: "Global Sales & Service" is responsible for driving sales of Interroll's entire product portfolio by customer group; "Products & Technology" covers our global Centers of Excellence and local production sites and is responsible for R&D, product management, strategic purchasing, production technology and manufacturing.

Meet our Group Management

Interroll Academy

Interroll has its own Academy. Employees from all over the world join leadership- and product trainings. Also our customers and partners are trained here.

The Interroll Academy serves as a link between market, technology and people.


Two teams, one goal. Dynamism.

A strong partnership between Sauber F1 Team and Interroll Group.

Learn more about our common philosophies, how we exchange know-how and how we do joint customer events - a closer look behind the scenes of dynamism.


We are hiring.

Are you the one?

We look for people ready to go the extra mile. We value and develop the skills and key strengths of everybody. Together with our customers and partners our people create outstanding results for the world of internal logistics.


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客户忠诚度计划:Rolling On Interroll

我们为入选的英特诺客户制定了专属的 “Rolling On Interroll” 计划,这些客户与英特诺有着长期的业务关系,而且英特诺产品对于这些客户的设备与系统的性能、吞吐量和可用性均起着切实的关键作用。