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New Generation of Drum Motors

The new generation of Drum Motors with fully modular synchronous and asynchronous design are engineered for high performance and longevity, and to meet stringent hygiene requirements.

Interroll Magnetic Speed Controller MSC80

Safety counts! Control the pallet speed on your gravity lanes to avoid damages and injuries. Interroll Pallet Flow, equipped with the patented MSC 80 is a perfect solution for high performance storage applications.

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了解更多内部物流的新鲜事 – 远不止如此!


如何找到最适合某应用需求的皮带驱动?只需输入几个应用参数,就可以找到最匹配的电动滚筒型号。 欢迎使用这款用户友好的工具! 它会从第一步引导您完成选型。



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