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Core technologies for belt conveyors for all supermarket applications

Interroll Supermarket Solutions
Make supermarket goods moving most efficiently

Interroll offers dedicated core technologies for belt conveyors for all supermarket applications: from the drum motors, controls and conveyor rollers including all needed accessories sup to pre-assembled and ready to install conveyor cassettes.

Interroll drives and rollers are perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of checkout systems and RBRVMs. Engineers especially prefer the fast and easy design-in and installation of Interroll products, which make construction and mounting a simple task. Another, maybe even more irresistible argument for Interroll solutions is the space saving argument: The Interroll Drum Motors feature a compact, hermetically sealed all-in-one system design.

Compared to conventional drives, there is no additional space required to implement the motor, gearbox and drive train. The sealed design is also the basis for the maintenance-free and cost effective operation of Interroll Drum Motors, minimizing downtimes and maintenance efforts. And that the high energy efficiency reduces power consumption, energy costs and therefore the TCO of solutions based on Interroll products is just another winning argument.

Belt drives for checkouts

Drum motor 80C

Drum motor 80S-SMP

Drum Motor 80S DC

Drum Motor 113C

Drum Motor 113S-SMP

Drum Motor 113S DC

Commercial Conveyors & Accessories

Cassette System

Plug-and-play belt conveyor

Center Drive Cassette

Drum motor as centre drive

Light Industrial Conveyor

Space-saving belt conveyor

Softstart Control

For checkout drives

Anti-Vibration Bracket

Idler Pulley


Smooth stop-and-go in the checkout zone


Light Industrial Conveyor