Retrofit for the most modern botteling plant in Switzerland

COOP is Switzerland´s largest retail group. Its company Pearlwater is able to deliver up to 140 million litres a year of this superb, fresh mineral water from the Pennine Alps. Here, everything flows, all the way from the source to the bottling and shipping operations.

To ensure freshness and efficiency in the long run, the facility has been completely refitted and optimized. Limited spatial conditions, high CO2 reduction targets, and not least the utmost performance and continued function of the system proved to be hugely demanding. Pearlwater now dispatches up to 2,000 pallets each day.

The solution is a dynamic storage system: an overall concept from a single mould. Interroll products are developed with efficiency and sustainability in mind: space and energy saving pallet flow storage, automated storage and retrieval systems with energy recovery, short pathways and space exploitation right up to the roof. Inclined flow channels provide over 5,000 pallet spaces and use gravity alone to move the 800 kilo Euro pallets. No motors, no control technology. Reliable, robust, and smart—the perfect complement to the hightech storage/retrieval solution and WMS control.

Flow storage stands for optimal energy consumption. Once a pallet is brought to the correct height by the stacker crane, it flows automatically to the next device, which obviously fits perfectly into the concept.

The Interroll people arrived on site to observe the system in full operation. We didn´t have to change any processes: they merely observed how we operate and how the facility works. As a result of their analysis, they were able to identify the problems and resolve them quickly.

Interroll is a competent partner that has fulfilled its role completely. The equipment was delivered punctually and then installed by Innovatec. When difficulties were encountered, Interroll sent its experts to analyse and solve the problems. Problems are not uncommon with projects of this scale. What counts is how they are handled, and I can safely say that the problems during the project were resolved with the same cooperative spirit that we enjoyed at the beginning of the project.

Pearlwater today operates one of the best performing systems in Europe, with unrivalled throughput and logistical excellence. Today´s market is demanding, with promotions and seasonal peaks putting the facility to the test. Here, the highest throughput volumes are seen day after day:

  • in just 72 hours, the entire stock is turned over
  • up to 2,000 pallets per day are dispatched
  • short distances, less energy expenditure for heating or cooling, low wear, easy operation
Safe costs in the long run: with flow storage systems