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The food products industry requires the highest standards of hygiene and safety in all production processes. However, the production of food manufacturers is not limited to the processing of food. For many applications that still have high standards of hygiene, the focus is on high capacity, global availability and low maintenance.

Within two years’ time, the world’s most modern production facility for hypoallergenic infant formula was constructed on the premises of the Nestlé factory at Biessenhofen comprising an area of three football fields for the price of 120 million Euros.

Sensible Products

Each year more than 16 million packages of HA food products are delivered in 80 countries around the globe. Moreover, in a highly specialized aseptic center, it is possible to fill the food jars aseptically. Other sophisticated products also benefit from this process: aside from the Thomy gourmet sauces also Nescafé Xpress is produced in Biessenhofen.

Just in time – with certainty and reliability

In this highly secured production process, almost everything is transported on conveyor belts and lift devices which run across the entire production line in multiple tracks. Switches control the flow of goods. An extremely complex system that needs to be monitored, just as all the elements that it transports. Numerous Interroll components are installed in many hundreds of meters of conveyors, which run through the production halls. Because, as supply chain manager Kuehn says: “In these sensitive manufacturing processes, all individual elements have to be absolutely reliable around the clock, there is no room for failure.”

There is an additional check at every switch, which constantly checks the current flow of products. Reliability, even at high speed, and unusual combinations are a prerequisite for the smooth operation of the system. For this, scanners, photoelectric sensors and live video cameras are installed. Should a jar accidentally not be labeled in blue due to a specific color mixing, but rather in light blue, which makes it more difficult to read, it is immediately detected and removed.

Extensive automation and automatic control of the sequences are the features of the new streamlined production lines in the Allgäu Nestlé plant.

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