More than 20,000 drum motors from Interroll in use

G. Mondini’s production site in Brescia, northern Italy. The company’s high-quality packaging machines, especially designed for the food industry, where G. Mondini is market leader, are manufactured here.

"When it comes to manufacturing, G. Mondini stands for the highest possible quality and the drum motors of Interroll fully meet our quality requirements," emphasizes Paolo Mondini, Sales Director for the Italian company. "To this day we have installed more than 20,000 drum motors in our machines and systems. I think this figure alone speaks for itself. We are extremely satisfied. Our company is very demanding and we always require maximum performance from our suppliers. Here, Interroll meets our standards just perfectly with respect to quality, availability and service," he adds.

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G. Mondini has continued to expand its position as an international market leader in the area of manufacturing packaging machines for foods because the company consistently invests in research and development and therefore always introduces new technologies to the market. The machines and systems have always had something in common, however: they are all powered by Interroll drum motors.

The technology for producing food packaging that Giovanni Mondini developed in 1968 served as the basis for founding G. Mondini SpA in 1972.

Of all the Interroll products used in systems from G. Mondini, the drum motor represents a perfect example of innovation. It features one of the strongest and most energy-efficient drive systems for conveyor belts that has ever been developed. The Interroll drum motor is reliable, durable and easy to clean. Especially in systems that come into contact with foods, it is particularly important that the production lines or conveyor belts can be cleaned quickly in an uncomplicated manner. After all, hygiene is crucial to the quality of the end product. The sterility of the machines that are used to process foods is the prerequisite for hygienic conditions. Thanks to the degrees of protection IP66 and IP67 and its extremely smooth surface made of stainless steel, the Interroll drum motor is ideal for cleaning with a high pressure cleaner. As compact and small as the drum motor is, it can be cleaned equally quickly.

The consistently high quality of Interroll products is one of the reasons why the two companies have been working together successfully for so many years and is for G. Mondini an important distinctive feature that distinguishes Interroll from other vendors. Furthermore, as an international company, Interroll is able to provide service around the world. “The quality of the components we select for our machines reinforces our customers’ overall perception of our quality,” emphasizes Paolo Mondini.

Drum Motors

"The machines and systems have always had something in common, however: they are all powered by Interroll drum motors."

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