The new processing plant in Horsens, Jutland, is currently the most advanced of its kind worldwide. Entire slaughter lines have been automated to deliver greater efficiency throughout the facility. The decision in favor of the Interroll stainless steel drum motors was based in particular on their energy-saving potential and their hygienic all-in-one design.

The Technical University of Aalborg conducted in-depth analyses of our Drum Motor and a geared motor with identical performance specifications. The results were more than convincing: up to 47% lower primary energy consumption in the case of Interroll’s Drum Motor. Thus, Danish Crown today saves approx. €212,000 p.a. in primary energy costs as well as €70,000 in secondary energy costs (air conditioning).

In addition to their proven track record in terms of economical operation, the compact, space-saving Drum Motors by Interroll had another trump up their sleeve: thanks to IP66 protection and ultra-smooth surfaces, the stainless steel drum motors can be pressure cleaned in no time at all.

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