Hermes Fulfilment in Germany belongs to the Otto Group. The Otto Group is the world's second largest online retailer. The secret in their success lies in perfectly coordinated processes.

Hermes has introduced a master plan for climate protection. The 30 kilometers of conveyor lines offer a huge potential for engery savings. Retrofitting is the magic word when it comes to energy efficiency.  "From what we have seen so far, we know we could save 25% in energy, says Michael Schekatz, Head of Technical Services, Hermes Fulfilment.

Interroll's extra-low voltage RollerDrive was their choice. The exisiting centrally driven conveyor systems could easily be upgraded very easily. The Interroll control family "Conveyor Control" represents a clever alternative to highly complex PLC programming. Easy configuration and wiring allows for quick installation and immediate use.

Replacement is pretty easy to do. You just unplug the connector, change the drive, plug in the connector again and then it runs again. the entire cosntruction techniquie is plug and Play and therefore very fast, extremely efficient and requires very few additional components.

says Michael Schekatz, Head of Technical Services, Hermes Fulfilment.

Learn more in the video case study about a solution that received the VDI Innovation Award, about step-by-step upgrade during running operations, and about how quiet operations have become. An unexpected success that Hermes Fulfilment is really pleased about.

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