First-In, First-Out pallet flow system (FIFO)
Safety and user friendliness are decisive factors for reduced downtimes and increased productivity in exceptionally busy distribution centers.

In especially compact Interroll FIFO flowstorage systems for goods with short and average turnaround times, the Safety Separator ensures the safe storage of pallets that are of different height and length in the same flow channel. It separates the first pallet from the other pallets that are storedat the front picking position so that are stored so that it can be taken out safely without any dynamic pressure.

After lifting the pallet that is to be taken out, with a delay of 20 seconds, the Time Plus function gives the forklift truckdriver enough time to safely remove the pallet from the flow channel before the next pallet rolls into the removal position. During the same time window, a pallet can also be returned to the removal position again subsequent to a removal error. The pedal-free system also unburdens the driver, an important factor when removing pallets from very high shelves which are otherwise hard to see.

Interroll offers two versions in order to provide maximum flexibility with pallet storage. The standard version can be used for a dynamic pressure of up to 12 tonnes; the extended version is ideally suited for especially long flow storage channels up to 20 tonnes.

First-In, First-Out pallet flow system (FIFO)
The Interroll Safety Separator with Time Plus function provides a clear benefit in a First-In, First-Out pallet flow system (FIFO).

Innovative pallet storage convinces sector experts

Sector experts confirm the clear advantages of the Interroll Safety Separator with Time Plus function. In this context, it was awarded the distinction of "Coup de Coeur" (favourite of the jury) for innovation at the Manutention Intralogistics trade fair in Paris.

At PRB in La Mothe-Achard, the third biggest manufacturer of facade plaster in France, the FIFO principle is a decisive factor in the company's new flow storage system. The production manager of the southern sector, Jérôme Hucteau, is convinced of the advantages offered by the Interroll Safety Separator with the Time Plus function for the safer picking of pallets. Also the Installation went very smoothly: "Interroll understands what its customers need. It is for this reason that they worked together with a good installation team to make it available to us."

Facts at a glance

The Interroll Safety Separator with TimePlus function is setting new standards with the picking of pallets in terms ofsafety and ergonomics:

  • The 20-second delay of the Time Plus function before the picking of the pallet and until the release of the next pallet ensures additional safety.
  • It also provides sufficient time for rectifying picking errors.
  • The pedal-free system eliminates the risk of damaging the separator and unburdens the driver of limits in terms of lifting pallets.
  • It eliminates the risk of faulty separation.
  • High user friendliness and low induction training requirements, also for temporary employees.
  • The indirect concept eliminates stresses and pressure on the separation mechanism.
  • Easy to use with dynamic pressure of up to 20 tonnes.

Safe costs in the long run: with flow storage systems

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