Jens Karolyi, SVP Corporate Marketing & Culture, Interroll Group
Jens Karolyi, SVP Corporate Marketing & Culture at Interroll Group

"Rolling On Interroll" is a partner program that is designed to make end users aware of the importance of high-quality key components for machine and plant construction. Jens Karolyi, SVP Corporate Marketing & Culture, Interroll Group, talks about "Rolling On Interroll".

What is behind the "Rolling On Interroll" program?

"Rolling On Interroll" is our quality seal which guarantees that our customers (i.e., predominantly machine and plant manufacturers and system integrators) will receive the best products for their systems in consistently high quality. Although a drum motor in a meat processing machine is only a small component of the entire system, it is absolutely critical for the throughput and availability of the system.

Who is this program aimed at?

"Rolling On Interroll" aims to help a certain customer segment for whom our products are mission critical within their systems, while increasing the value of the overall system through our product quality, and also making this transparent to the end user. If our RollerDrive is used as the primary drive technology in a distribution center, then we want to work with the system integrator to emphasize that the best quality has been selected and that, as a strong partner, Interroll guarantees delivery reliability and customer service.

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Will we be hearing about "Rolling On Interroll" more frequently in future?

Yes, this will definitely be the case. This is not just a marketing campaign but consists of a lot more. "Rolling On Interroll" reflects the soul of our company and demonstrates our business model. We are a neutral provider of key products with open platforms and we are a strong partner to machine and plant manufacturers around the world. This customer program is a strategic initiative for the Interroll Group and will soon become an indispensable feature for us and our global customers and partners.

What advantages and services does Interroll offer its program partners?

Every cooperative partnership should be a win-win situation which provides both parties with mutual benefits. Only then can such a program be successful in the long run. This is why we are offering program partners exclusive benefits that will potentially help them stand out from the competition and achieve profitable growth. Our global platform provides seminars and workshops right through to special training sessions and marketing support, thus providing our partners with new opportunities for lead generation and product differentiation.

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