New hub for Mr Price: modular conveyor platform MCP brings momentum to consolidated warehouse
The local proximity to Interroll's South African location means that Mr Price benefits from a tangible partner.

Through its own stores, franchise partners and online channels, Mr Price Group sells high-quality clothing as well as household and sportswear in 14 countries. A new central warehouse in Durban (South Africa) was to replace two existing facilities. With the aim of installing a scalable material handling system with open standards, the company has contracted system integrator Fortna to use Interroll's MCP modular conveyor platform as a key component.

With strong growth, Mr Price is mainly active in Africa. The new logistics center in Durban was to combine the best technologies under one roof. Optimized processes and dynamic expandability were key factors in the consolidation project. Ideal conditions for Interroll's modular conveyor platform, on which important sections of the new conveyor line are based.

Local advantage fully exploited

In order to find the best solution to match customer requirements, Fortna worked systematically with Mr Price's experts: Numerous approaches and technologies were reviewed and selected reference projects visited. The completely new solution was to be developed from the best products available on the market. A further decision critera: Local presence in order to do justice to the high complexity directly on site. And since Interroll has been present locally for 20 years with a South African subsidiary plus its own assembly facility, the choice of the most global supplier of key components for internal logistics was obvious.

Mr Price is prepared for further growth

Mr Price's new distribution center covers a total area of more than 60,000 square meters. The completely redesigned facility is an amazingly space-saving turntable with storage capacity for more than 24,000 pallets and moves more than 250 cartons per minute. It also achieves a sorting capacity of well over 16,000 units per hour, equivalent to around 60,000 inducts. The zero-pressure-accumulation conveyors used are based on the modular conveyor platform MCP and rely on the integrated technologies RollerDrive and MultiControl from Interroll. Clearly, the infrastructure now in place will help Mr Price move forward and reliably contribute to the continued growth that has lasted for 28 years.

Mr Price is happy: the consolidation project combines two previously independent sites in a single facility, which results in higher efficiency. The two partners' extensive experience has enabled the project to run smoothly. And the proximity to technology provider Interroll means that Mr Price benefits from a local service that is within easy reach.

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