AP Dataweigh, Inc., a Georgia (US) based checkweigher manufacturer offers dynamic weighing and product inspection solutions for manufacturers and packaging houses in a variety of industries around the world. The crucial importance of accurate checkweighing in the bakery industry is illustrated in the following case.

The payback of accurate checkweighing for a global bakery supplier

A global bakery supplier of liquid glaze and frosting was inconsistently filling three- and five-gallon pails of product. Because of variability in the product flow as plant temperatures increased after start-up, the time-fill machine was overfilling the buckets by as much as five-percent to ensure that minimum weight specifications were met. Additionally, lids were not always secure andbar code labels were sometimes missing.

AP Dataweigh, Inc. designed a checkweigher, label detection and lid detection system that solved all of the above issues. Sensors and communication systems were installed int he scale controller to provide centralized control of the fill line. The five percent overfill was eliminated and the operators had reliable and instantaneous feedback of the operation of the filler, capper and labeler. With an investment of roughly USD 235,000 (seven scales), the customer could achieve savings of around USD 750,000/year, resulting in a payback period of just 114 days. After a six-month trial period, six additional lines were equipped with the system.

Modular and open architecture guarantee optimal integrity

Being modular and open architecture indesign, these systems are fully configurable and customizable to meet almost every production line configuration. From semi-automatic labeling to full mini pack out and automatic labeling lines, features such as data reporting, additional labeling and track-and-trace systems can be easily integrated from the beginning, or added later.

These systems are available in several controlp latforms such as Rockwell, Omron, Siemens and B&R, allowing for true native communications and controls with seamless plug and play integration possibilities.

Why drum motors are better than gear motors

As primary drive mechanism for its checkweighers, Rolling On Interroll-Partner AP Dataweigh, Inc. has relied for many years on drum motors from Interroll and makes the use of this compact and hygienic drive technology visible by displaying the Rolling On Interroll sign on its machines.

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