Zenon Automation SAICT successfully completed the installation of a fully automated handling and palletizing system for three carton packaging lines for Nestlé Hellas SA. A smart automation solution was needed as the project posed a series of challenges. 

The main project requirements included one central line to connect the distanced production and palletizing areas, overhead conveying to leave the operation of the production floor undisturbed, central palletizing for cost savings and optimal space utilization, full traceability of cartons from packaging to palletizing and perfect integration with existing systems. Furthermore, the solution needed to meet Nestlé’s strict safety requirements.  

More efficient automated process cartons from packaging to palletizing area

ZENON designed and integrated a fully automated solution that met the needs of Nestlé Hellas SA. It enabled smooth and efficient processes, like lifting of cartons from the exit level of each packaging line to the transport level of the central conveyor belt (approx. 3m above the ground), merging of all cartons into one central conveying line and overhead transportation of cartons from packaging to palletizing area. The identification of cartons according to their line of origin was done with an industrial camera. The palletizing operations, performed by robots, included placement of carton interlayers to improve pallet stability. Furthermore, the new process layout included a merge of palletizing lines via a pallet shuttle and infeed of finished pallets to the existing stretch wrapping line.  

More reliability and flexibility

The implemented solution by Zenon helped Nestlé Hellas SA achieve tangible benefits in reliability and flexibility, optimal utilization of existing space and resources and connection with the existing IT systems. The systems offers expandability thanks to its modular design and its excellent construction quality and it fulfils special requirements (operation mode, materials used, security etc.) along with all existing personnel and security equipment needs. 

Safe costs in the long run: with flow storage systems

ZENON is an official partner of the Rolling On Interroll program of the worldwide Interroll Group. For ZENON to keep their quality promise towards their customers, like Nestlé Hellas SA, the product quality and reliability of Interroll conveyor rollers and drives are of crucial importance.

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Please can j serve as an OEM for this company in Nigeria Regards CEO,clems



Hello Clems, we are glad that you like our approach! Please contact our local office in South Africa who is responsible for the African market. https://www.interroll.co.za/contacts/ Have a nice day!