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Interroll offers dedicated core technologies for all conveyor technology-driven supermarket applications: innovative supermarket cashier systems and RBRVMs, as well as all for retailing, online shopping, storage, shipping and handling of returns. If you can deliver faster, you get the business. Visit us in Hall 14 / A22

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Product launch: Interroll Softstart Control

The new Interroll Softstart Control prevents tilting objects on the checkout. Now you can easily reduce unnecessary downtime and costs for cleaning and loss of goods.

Many supermarket checkouts provide a rough start and stop of the belt. This can lead to tilting and even damaged objects on the belt. In case of leaking goods, the belt has to be cleaned, which causes unnecessary maintenance, downtime and loss of goods. On the bottom line, it causes higher costs.

Existing solutions for this problem, for example a frequency inverter, are too expensive in such a price-driven sector. Current control boxes mainly use an On/Off-function, which causes these rough starts and stops. Visit us to see how soft the start and stop of the belt can be!

On top: our system based solution with an integrated motor soft start is very cost-efficient.

Dedicated solutions – Designed to the needs

You can find our products in global Supermarkets’ checkout and cashier systems like: Walmart (USA), Metro (Germany), Edeka (Germany), Carrefour (France), COOP (Many countries), Lidl (Germany), Aldi (Germany), Tesco (UK).

Interroll drives and rollers are perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of checkout systems and RBRVMs. Engineers especially prefer the fast and easy design-in and installation of Interroll products, which make construction and mounting a simple task.

Another, maybe even more irresistible argument for Interroll solutions is the space saving argument: The Interroll Drum Motors feature a compact, hermetically sealed all-in-one system design. Compared to conventional drives, there is no additional space required to implement the motor, gearbox and drive train. The sealed design is also the basis for the maintenance-free and cost effective operation of Interroll Drum Motors, minimizing downtimes and maintenance efforts.

And that the high energy efficiency reduces power consumption, energy costs and therefore the TCO of solutions based on Interroll products is just another winning argument.

Sortation in e-Commerce: Delivery on time

e-Commerce and online shopping have grown tremendously in the recent years, at constant double-digit growth rates in economies around the world. If you can deliver faster, you get the business. In this complex and demanding market environment, logistics has become a key competitive factor. Considering that sorting, next to order picking, is the most cost-intensive area of logistics, it pays to invest in best-in-class sortation solutions.

Superior sortation accuracy, high throughputs (from 2,000 items up to 16,000 per hour) and low operating costs are just a few of the many features of this outstanding device. On top of that, ease of use and high availability provide our customers with peace of mind: they know Interroll is someone they can trust and rely on.

Among our customers are leading companies like Amazon, Zalando, DHL, Fedex, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Pepsi.

Interroll Cassettes

Interroll Cassettes are much quicker and easier to install than conventional conveyors installed at the checkout counter or other machines, because one component is already tested and “run-in”. Fewer parts mean lower costs for conveyor design and purchasing of parts.

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Interroll Drum Motors

The motor, gearbox and bearings are totally enclosed and sealed inside a steel shell, therefore they are unlikely to fail due to harmful environmental conditions such as dust, fluid etc. Because all components are located in the steel shell, drum motors take up much less space than conventional drives.

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International checkout and cashier systems partners

  • ITAB Group (Sweden, Holland, Germany, UK, Finland)
  • NCR
  • HMY Group (France, Spain, Turkey)
  • Rasec Group (France, Ukraine, Russia)
  • Cefla (Italy), Modern Expo (Ukraine)
  • Storebest (Germany)
  • Pan Oston (USA)
  • Killion (USA)
  • Myungsung (Korea)
  • Pan Oston (Malaysia)
  • PT Spectrum (Indonesia)

The Interroll Center of Excellence

The Interroll Center of Excellence in Copenhagen, Denmark concentrates on drum motors and drum motor cassettes used as belt drives in check-out systems and recirculation facilities for supermarkets.

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