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Energy-saving drive solutions for internal logistics

Edited on 23-Nov-2012

Visit Interroll at SPS IPC Drives, 27 - 29 November 2012, Nuremberg, Germany: Stand 1-430


Energy-saving drive solutions for internal logistics


Sant'Antonino/Nuremberg, 27th November 2012. As well as cutting-edge innovations in the field of 24-volt technology, such as ConveyorControl for unit-handling conveyors designed around zero-pressure accumulation, Interroll will also use the SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg to showcase its Synchronous Drum Motor, a product of the most powerful, energy-efficient generation of drum motors ever developed.


In forklifts, modern shuttle solutions and the drives of high-performance conveying systems, powerful yet energy-saving 24-volt technology plays a key role in maintaining dynamic processes in internal logistics. In retrofit projects, in particular, its benefits come to the fore: energy efficiency, cost savings, enhanced performance and modern control technology functionality make 24-volt technology an indispensable element of innovative logistics processes. Interroll offers system integrators and OEMs a vast array of control and conveying modules for integrating this low-maintenance, energy-efficient technology into intelligent material flow solutions, with the focus on its “ConveyorControl” range.


ConveyorControl: savings in energy costs of at least 30 per cent

Because it can interface with the most common systems in stock control software, ConveyorControl paves the way to huge energy and time efficiencies in logistics centres working to professional industry standards. The new control units used in ConveyorControl simplify the operation of unit-handling conveyor systems using 24-volt technology. This makes ConveyorControl the ideal control-side partner to the Interroll RollerDrive. The solution, which can be configured to meet user requirements, is designed to be used as original equipment in modern logistics systems and for optimising existing systems, e.g. in retrofit projects. With its five system components, the scalable solution upgrades existing systems to zero-pressure accumulation conveyors and reduces energy costs by at least 30 per cent in the process. This makes Interroll ConveyorControl a smart alternative to highly complex PLC programming.


The key elements of the ConveyorControl solution are:


• SegmentControl: Controls two zones of a conveyor, with each zone comprising EC310 RollerDrive, several conveyor rollers and associated sensors.

• ComControl: Controls one conveyor zone; parameters for the three additional inputs and outputs can be set using the Configurator software.

• GatewayControl: To integrate the technology into higher-order controllers and networks via Profibus or Profinet.

• CentralControl: Simple data transfer between modules; all parameters are uploaded to the system via a USB interface.

• Configurator software (Windows): Easy setting of all necessary layouts and parameters for ConveyorControl.


Background: In ConveyorControl, the roller conveyors are divided into zones activated as required via a distributed control system or centrally by a higher-order controller.


Energy-saving and quiet, with an exceptionally long service life

Unlike conventional systems, the individual zones are driven by RollerDrives that only activate those zones currently containing the units to be moved. This means that the rest of the roller conveyor remains idle, is not using any energy and is also not producing any noise. The absence of mechanical elements for power transmission from the traditional flat belt to the roller conveyor segments also substantially reduces maintenance and extends service life by up to a factor of four.

A further benefit of the ConveyorControl system for users is that they can retrofit existing systems very economically to create energy-efficient conveyors with zero-pressure accumulation. The modular design allows for flexible, scalable solutions that can be extended or converted at any time to produce new belt layouts. Interroll ConveyorControl therefore offers an integrated concept from a single source – a professional solution for 24-volt drive technology to industry standard.


Excellent torque with new Synchronous Drum Motor

The new Interroll Synchronous Drum Motor belongs to one of the most powerful, energy-efficient generations of drum motor ever developed. This belt drive offers excellent torque at all speeds, maximum acceleration/braking performance, optimum energy savings and excellent start-stop potential for various applications such as the packaging industry, logistics, the food processing sector or dynamic checkweighers.


In the food processing sector, Interroll’s Synchronous Drum Motor won a gold medal at the Anuga FoodTec trade fair 2012 in Cologne. These awards are bestowed every three years by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) in conjunction with the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST), Kölnmesse (Cologne Trade Fairs) and leading trade media.


Interroll Frequency Inverter IFI-IP55 for the safe conveying of various goods

The new IFI-IP55 Frequency Inverter, specially designed by Interroll for Synchronous and Asynchronous Drum Motors, is the ideal combination of high performance and ease-of-use in the most exacting of applications. Simple to install and ready to operate, Interroll’s Frequency Inverter with IP55 enclosure is the most cost-efficient solution for high-end operations. Thanks to the IP55 enclosure, it is ideal for industrial applications, even in wet environments.


The system can be installed and commissioned instantly thanks to the AS interface communication and 2 x 24 V digital inputs or factory default parameters.


By including Interroll's Frequency Inverter, operators are able to enhance the flexibility of their conveyor systems in respect of speed, control and process parameters. Goods that vary widely in size, centre of gravity, weight, etc. can thus be safely conveyed at any time.


• Suitable for various speeds; large variable speed range

• Flexible speed regulation and control of conveyors and processes

• Soft start/stop (gentle handling of loads and/or packages, reduced mechanical load on drive components)

• Higher number of starts/stops than with direct connection to the mains

• Energy savings in start/stop applications thanks to efficient use of energy

• In the case of fast stop applications, the dynamic braking function of the Interroll Frequency Inverter can replace a mechanical brake in the drum motor

• Optimum torque

• Can be used on single-phase network and improve energy efficiency

• For applications with modular belts the motor can be throttled to reduce the heat produced


Tried and tested

The Interroll test laboratory in Baal, Germany, conducted a thorough investigation into the efficiency of geared motors compared with asynchronous drum motors and the new synchronous drum motor. The results for cost efficiency and energy consumption are excellent and speak for themselves.


Using an Interroll Drum Motor can save a plant up to €133/year per drum motor, although this calculation refers only to the direct energy costs. If indirect costs like air conditioning, improved efficiency and lower downtimes are also taken into account, the total savings are significant.



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